What problems should be paid attention to when using Plastic Switch Mould

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Plastic Switch Moulder's error operation is very easy to lead to the safety risk of electricity. Grasp the appropriate operation method to ensure that the socket can be used stronger. So, when applying Plastic Switch Mould, what problems do you generally pay attention to?

First, whether the nation's socket specification belongs to the category of Plastic Switch Mould.

Second, avoid the occurrence of over -output power load conditions. Each socket specification has a working voltage and current of the rated value. When applying the socket, the working voltage and current of the electrical appliances that are inserted are lower than the rated current and current of the socket. Hot and even reduce the service life.

Third, you should not be too greedy to apply Plastic Switch Mould. The length of the use of each socket is different. If the socket is loosened and exposed to poor contact, it should be carried out immediately. Conditioning life safety problems.

Fourth, clean up Plastic Switch more on time. The socket control panel and the jack are very easy to accumulate dust. The long -term sex does not remove the dust. It not only endangles the beautiful and generous socket, but also is very easy to rust metal slices, which will cause the socket application to have difficulty problems. Therefore, when applying the socket, the control panel should be wiped with lower concentration of alcohol on time.

plastic switch mould https://www.tangrammould.com/Wall-Gang-Switch-Mould.html