2,2-Bipyridine preparation method

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2,2-Bipyridine can be obtained by reacting pyridine with ferric chloride, or by purifying α-picoline [109-06-8] with potassium permanganate.

Product Name: 2,2-Bipyridine

Other Names:2,2-Dipyridyl

CAS Number: 366-18-7

Content: 98.0%, 99.5%, AR 99.9%

Appearance: white crystalline powder

Packaging: 25kg/drum, long-term inventory


1. Prepare

2,2-Bipyridine is obtained by the reaction of pyridine with ferric chloride. Mix 70 g of anhydrous pyridine with 13 g of anhydrous ferric chloride, and heat and react in a sealed tube at 300° C. for about 35 hours. After cooling, the reactant solidified into red-black crystals, the sealed tube was opened, and the solid red-black solution was washed out with a small amount of hot water. Oily impurities were removed by extraction with ether. After neutralization with sodium bicarbonate, excess pyridine was removed by heating with steam. The mixture was then made strongly alkaline and the 2,2-Bipyridine was distilled off with the steam. The distillate was acidified, evaporated, and concentrated, sodium hydroxide was added, extracted with ether, and the ether was removed to obtain the crude product. The crude product was recrystallized with B and decolorized with activated carbon to obtain a pure product. In addition, 2,2-Bipyridine can also be prepared by the reaction of α-picoline [109-06-8] and potassium permanganate after purification.

2.2. Mix anhydrous pyridine with anhydrous ferric chloride, heat for reaction, cool, and solidify to obtain red-black crystals. Excess pyridine was removed by heating with steam. 2,2-Bipyridine was evaporated. Sodium hydroxide was added, and ether was used as a solvent to remove ether to obtain a crude product. Decolorize and filter with iron-free activated carbon to obtain white leaf-like crystals, which are pure 2,2-Bipyridine.

2. Is 2,2-Bipyridine a strong field ligand?

2,2-Bipyridine is a strong-field ligand that forms relatively stable complexes, and chelation enhances the inherent M-N bond strength. Complexes with main group metal ions, lanthanides, and actinides can be prepared in water or organic solvents. Bicomplexes are known for a wide variety of metals and oxidation states, although they tend to be more common in lower oxidation states. The bpy ligands are known for their wide range of formal oxidation states associated with them.

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